‘’ ELVIS’’ was founded in 1960 by Mr. Ioannis Papadopoulos, who worked with great passion to achieve full customer satisfaction, offering delicious and excellent quality salads. The name ELVIS, is a Greek abbreviation of the phrase ‘Greek Salad Industry’, inspired by Elvis, the legend in the music industry during those years.

Although he was alone in all fields of the business, he always kept pace with the evolution of technology and was the one who brought the first packaging machine to Greece. Magazines and newspapers of that time wrote feature articles about both the ELVIS company and its founder-owner.

In 1984, his son, Mr. Takis Papadopoulos, entered the company, while 1993 was the year when Mr. Ioannis Papadopoulos left his administration and his second son, Mr. Fanis Papadopoulos, entered the company where he and his brother, Mr. Takis Papadopoulos have taken on the management of the company to this day.


The previous headquarters of ELVIS was a relatively limited space in Ilioupolis, therefore, the need for more convenient and comfortable areas of operation of the company, as well as larger storage spaces, prompted the administration in 2003 to set up the construction of a new plant in Koropi’s Industrial Area. The project lasted for 4 years and, in 2007, the company transferred its building facilities to Koropi’s Industrial Park, modernizing its equipment and facilities.


It is obvious that the change involved the complete upgrade of each sector of the business. The purpose of the change was to modernize the company from A to Z. In the new plant, the hygiene rules are fully respected. There are no intersections of the different production lines. There is a separate door for the outlets, different production, processing and packaging areas and different storage areas for raw materials and final products.


Furthermore, a modern and fully equipped microbiology laboratory has been constructed, where all analyses of the products and raw materials of the company are carried out.

ELVIS has been active in the production, packaging and selling of salads since 1960, where it has enriched its range of new salad flavors over the past 10 years, in line with consumer demand.

The company’s goals are the constant and high quality of its products as well as its trade in new markets all over Greece and abroad.

ELVIS does business with Super Markets, Mini Markets, restaurants, canteens, grills, bistros, eateries, cafeterias and taverns.

The salad industry  is very competitive according to the leadership of ELVIS, but what makes the company different from the competition is its commitment to quality which it does not intend to sacrifice.

ELVIS will continue to insist on producing quality products with distinct flavors, differentiating them from competition. It intends to be faithful to its policy of high quality products, which are safe for the consumer who has been supporting them over the years.


The level of technology in ELVIS is very high, mainly in production, but also in the packaging and storage of products. Since the construction of the new plant, modern technological solutions have been implemented, while in the production area have been installed operating machines, many of which are adapted or modified to suit the needs of the company. Automation is great for a factory with many different production lines and a range of different products.

In addition, state-of-the-art systems are in place to manage and coordinate the operation of the plant.


  • to continue the production of popular salads with ‘’ traditional ‘’ flavors.
  • to develop the network in Attiki, Athens, Greece with new collaborations.
  • to acquire additional points of sale all over Greece with emphasis on the Greek Islands through Commercial Representatives
  • to export our products to more countries abroad.